Nest Fragrances at Mark Thomas Studio, Austin, TX

Rhonda Allison at Mark Thomas Studio, Austin, TX

Face Stockholm at Mark Thomas Studio, Austin, TX

Philip Kingsley Product Line

Nest Fragrances is a core collection of scents created to fill one's home with the essence of luxury sophistication and beauty. The collection combines color, texture, and fragrance to enhance the everyday living and entertaining experience.

Not just another mainstream cosmeceutical line. Rhonda Allison incorporates the most active formulations to the skin care market, requiring professional guidance in its use and application. Rhonda uses only pure, fresh, natural, quality-driven ingredients that deliver results. There are no dyes, artificial coloring, or artificial fragrances only essential oils and the scent of plant extracts produce the aroma . All preservatives are essential oils, plant derived, and are FDA approved .


FACE Stockholm offers a spectacular range of colors and uses only the highest quality and most natural ingredients. The company is eco-conscious, using minimal and recycled packaging and never testing on animals.

Heralded as the 'Hair Doctor' by international press, Philip  Kingsley is known worldwide as a leading authority on hair and scalp care. Starting his career at the dawn of the swinging sixties with his first independent clinic in London”s fashionable Mayfair, he became an expert/innovator on fabulously beautiful hair and healthy sculpt takes to achieve it. Philip Kingsley products are formulated by the world’s leading trichologists. Developed with unparalleled experienced and knowledge of hair and scalp health . Loved by royalty, politicians, and celebrities world wide.